Food & Drinks



Vietnamese cuisine is well known for its main condiment nuoc mam, a sauce of anchovies or various fish fermented in salt, it is eaten with almost every dish. Vietnamese cuisine is light, refined and varied fragrant with herbs and vegetables, it's a pleasure to taste. Its rice, normal, perfumed and sticky for desserts, is very delicious to accompany your meal. I guarantee you, the food is very good in Vietnam!


 * Small dishes to savor without hunger!

** Soups 

- Ph: Vietnamese national soup, taking for the breakfast in the country.
- Bún thang: rice noodle soup with broth and chicken, and shrimp omelet.
- Mi: soup containing yellow noodles made ​​with wheat flour.
- Bún bo Hue:
beef noodle soup, a specialty of the Hue city.
- Hu Tieu Saigon: called soup, a specialty of the My Tho city, make a broth with pork bones, with pork minced, liver and shrimp.
- Mine gà: chicken soup with black vermicelli and bamboo
- Hu Tiu Chay: vegetarian soup with noodles rice
- Canh chua: fish soup and vegetables with sweet sauce


** Menu 

- Nem: a specialty of Vietnam. A rice pancake rolled into a cylinder containing small transparent noodles, crab, pork, onions, mushrooms
- Banh Cuon: also called "Vietnamese ravioli." It is made from a batter of rice steamed, stuffed with minced pork and black mushrooms
- Cha Ca: one of the most famous specialties of the North. A fried fish fillet and not grilled, served with rice vermicelli, herbs and roasted peanuts.
- Banh xeo: crepe made ​​of rice flour and turmeric, folded in half and filled with lots of bean sprouts, shrimp and meat with salad and nuoc mam sauce
- Bo bún: is a salad of raw vegetables, rice vermicelli, soy, beef with onions, cucumber, dried fried onions, fresh mint, peanuts and small pieces of nem.


** Drinks 

- Tea, it is the national drink of the country.
- Beer very economical, you can choose between: Saigon beer, Tiger beer, 333 "ba-ba-ba" and San Miguel. Choice!
- Coffee or tight filter drip coffee  . The Vietnamese say that drinking coffee is not to be rushed.


*** So we take a coffee !


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