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Ha Tien

Ha Tien is in Hon Chong peninsula, quiet and friendly, has the most beautiful West coast of Vietnam. Hon Chong is located 30 kms South of Ha Tien there is also a chain of islands that earned him the nickname "Mini Halong Bay" with calm waters and beaches lined with palm trees. It's the most attractive in the Mekong Delta.


Discover its beaches as beautiful Bai Duong beach lined with pine trees with clear and warm water. About ten kilometers from Ha Tien, a beautiful white sand beach that stretches to the lighthouse Mui Nai. Another beautiful beach lined with coconut palms Bai No, who is close to the fishing village. The island of Hon Giang is located fifteen kilometers offshore, nice for a tour!


Another interesting excursion is the Hang Tien cave situated 25 kilometers from Ha Tien. Where Gia Long Nguyen Anh Emperor took refuge in 1784, you can still find zinc coins belonging to the emperor.