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Hue is located in the countryside, this is an opportunity to another beautiful walk that you can do on a motorcycle and appreciate its richness. This is a historical city and at the same time peaceful, lively and attractive because it is full of art galleries, artists and antique dealers. Hue was the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam  from 1802 to 1945 under the reign of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty.


In Hue, you can visit the Citadel and the incredible architecture of the buildings of the complex imperial. In the vicinity of Hue , it's imperative to visit the tomb of emperor, the Citadel, the Imperial City, the Perfume River and the pagodas, all make a romantic city. Imperial Citadel and tombs along the river to the South, if you want to visit by boat. Further, on the banks of the Perfume River, are the tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Hue Imperial City is classified by Unesco as World Heritage of Humanity.

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