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My Tho


My Tho means "fragrant herb" or "fragrant water" because it is based on rice, fruits and fish. A boat ride across the Mekong will enchant you! Surrounding islands, the most famous is the island of the Dragon Long Tan Con and Thoi Son island you will appreciate its variety of fruits, green orchards where the local people preparing dishes while listening to traditional folk music. The island Longan is a plantation of plum, mango and bonsai. Visit the surrounding countryside that consists of lush gardens of the country with its coconut palms, banana and mango trees.


Vinh Trang pagoda is the largest pagoda of Tien Giang, surrounded by gardens and tall trees. It was built in 1849 in an architectural style combining inspirations Asian and European, creating a work of unique beauty. The snake farm Dong Tam, a breeding center for turtles, monkeys, birds, pythons and cobras is also an attraction to explore.