The Shopping in Vietnam is a fun and interesting experience, it ensures good business for those who know snooping. It is true that you can find almost anything in Vietnam. A lot of markets are at your disposal as, galleries, shops, street stalls, comercial center, supermarkets and open vibrant markets.

It is not necessary to buy imported brand. Taxes make these expensive than neighboring countries.

In terms of shopping, Vietnam is most famous for its:


- Folk Crafts as lacquers, wood carvings, the oil, watercolors, bamboo blinds, carpets and leather goods.


- Art & Antique, Vietnam has very strict rules on the export of real antiques. Most "antique" and art pieces sold are fakes or copies of the original. Be careful and check your sources!

- AO DAI, the traditional costume is a traditional Vietnamese dress worn as the uniform of the students and air hostesses. It is worn by almost all women at official ceremonies, conferences or weddings. In Southern of Vietnam, this word is pronounced "Ao Yai" and Northern "Ao Zai".

- The famous vietnamese traditional conical hat, can be found everywhere in the country, but the conical hat of Hue is the most famous because it has a poem embroidered inside.

- Handbag and shoes made ​​from traditional materials such as silk and bamboo can also become unique gifts and accessories.